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Telephone Interviews (CATI)


Telephone interviews represent one of the most used research methods worldwide. According to global stats, it has been recently overtaken by online research. However, considering the relatively low Internet penetration in Romania today, we consider telepone interviews will remain the most adequate method in Romania for few years to come

Some of the main advatages are
-high penetration of telephony in Romania. Mobile penetration is over 100% and the risc to have relevant market segments unreacheable on the phone is very low. Of course, such categories might exist but they are either very small or of little relevance for most of the marketing initiatives.
- using telephone interviews we have a great opportunity to rely on the principles of probabilitic sampling, increasing accuracy by controlling the statistical errors
- telephone interviews are fast!
- such projects involve decent costs
- increased capabilities of data checking and collection process control (on technical and human aspects)

Few guidelines in planning telephone interviews:
- keep the questionaire short! If you don't think you would spend 30 minues on the phone, answering some young person to lots of questions about no matter which products, don't expect others should for the category you research. This might be relevant to you but probably not so important in the respondent's life
- respondent hears the questions, not read them. Do not use complicated scales, long lists of options to chose from, etc
- it is preferable to get a simple, robust dataset to work on, not a complex set of answers which may contain garbage data. Please bear in mind that the latter scenario is hardly identifiable and you may find yourself working and concluding upon inconsistent dat

Most of the research agencies provide services based on telepone interviews. As we are marketing people, we present herein a clear market positioning. Our promise relates to:
- SPEED. Our time to market is critical, therefore we optimized the process, from questionnaire to topline or report. Though the partnerships we have signed, our telephone data collection potential is significantly higher than most of the research agencies in Romania
- COST. Regardless who our client is, our tariffs will be lower than most of the large research companies in Romania. We have reached this competitive advantage by using a different business model and focusing on our costs structure & control


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