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Market Research and Insights Consulting


Consulting services cover a wide spectrum of business themes. Contracting consultants is a normal practise in large companies, mainly in multinationals. Lately, Romanian mid-sized companies started to use consulting as well, as needs do exist and benefits become more and more obvious.

In this area, we propose to help you in areas that match your business real needs. Marketing and market research are not among the most developed consulting topics in Romania. However, there are so many ways in which a business satallite, as Quantix wants to become, could help with interesting and useful perspectives.

Needs are different, depending on the type of organization you are in. Consequently, we ave drafted proposals for each segment. We hope you will find them relevant your your current business needs and development objectives. Needless to say, this field of consultancy is highly flexible, therefore we would be happy to discuss any other related initiative you might have.


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