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Training in Market Research and Marketing


It is well known that corporate performance is dependent on the quality of its people. Many companies invest resources, time and money, in recruiting and developing their employees. There are instances or areas where the newly hired come with a high level of professional knowledge. However, more often, the case is that people need to acquire knowledge "on the run", as a necessary step in their current positions or in their development plans.

Market research is one of the most robust areas of marketing. Getting specialized in research implies acquiring knowledge in statistcis, psychology or sociology. Sometimes marketing may be regarded as a soft discipline, especially by comparison against technical or financial areas of organizations. Still, marketing implies a set of theories and best practices that may make the difference between a market leader and a follower.
Quantix has developed a set of training materials on market research and marketing. They are designed in line with different sets of needs our clients might have, combining theories with reallife examples.


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