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Multinational Corporations


In this section we communicate with multinational corporations.

Brief profile
These organizations are usually very large, well established companies, with well defined structure, functions and procedures. These clients have significant marketing departments and often professional people on research. The level of knowledge is high and organizational culture plays a great role in the way employees work, feel and relate to customers.

Research techniques and findings are not always local, there are certain interdependencies with the international network. Still, the need to localize insights, to get the local flavor, is high. This local particularities may make the difference and might increase revenue streams or levels of satisfaction within the markets.

Market Research tends to be formalized and different procedures are to be followed. It is still market research, therefore there is a degree of flexibility allowed in order to better or faster capture market knowledge. Research planning is critical and budget pressure is a common issue, especially when the overall economic environment is not so favorable. Reseach budgets, as controlable costs, are among the first to be impacted. Wiser and more efficient spend is required from research & marketing management.

The rich dine with the rich, therefore large companies tend to have strong relationships with major research players, often belonging to international networks. However, they also seek the advantages of smaller agencies: flexibility, value added, great account management (often led by owners or co-owners), fast decisions and fast results, availability on demand, pro-active approach, significant lower costs. Part of research budgets of corporate organizations go towards smaller local agencies for such benefits.


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