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Midsize Companies


In this section we address mid-size companies. They are usually organizations of 20-50 employees, very dynamic, with local owners being heavily involved in the day-to-day management and operations. They are implementing and testing organizational structures and responsibilities assignments. Marketing function is often performed by very few people who deal with plenty of the marketing mix elements. Market research is not among the highest priorities but needs are emergent and top management understands that market research data may help companies grow. Managers need to better understand clients, to have prepared employees and delegate part of their current responsabilities.


Such companies might not afford contracting the largest research, marketing consulting or communication agencies in the market. They seek smaller agencies that could help them develop the marketing functions, provide market guidance and help with knowledge transfer. These agencies should have good recommendations from business acquintances, should prove real knowledge and become business partners, not simply suppliers. Proposed services should be very focused, cost efficient and highly actionable. Insights must lead to quick wins in the marketplace.


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