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"We're going out tonight! Gonna be cool! LOL

I've uploaded some pics from my mobile last night on FB, give a like.

Not put it all, uplink not great and lots of Megs"


The above text may not be a literate one, but kind of actual. We don't want to change the language nor undermine grammar rules, however...


Changes happen!

Youth, regardless how we define them, are extremely dynamic and they can change the world. They can change it thrgouh their imagination, in their dreams, through their energy. They can change it through the way they are, select, relate to the environment. After them, a new generation will come, as they came after the current 30-40s. Waves come and go...Seems a clear fact, why bother?


We think it's worth discussing this as many changes have a direct impact on marketing. There are shifts in values, attitudes, behaviours, all with direct impact on corporate politics and strategies.

Few guidelines:

  • Access to information is easier than ever. Internet is more and more a part of our life, from early stages. It's on PC, on the phone, soon linked with TV. We can find info very fast and easy. While youth are keen on having info...
  • Youth group on tribes, on interests, on hobbies. They are very dynamic, fluid, adaptable, creative.
  • Their impact on purchase of products and services is huge. Either as purchasers or influencers
  • Young people are by default attracted by image factors. Be it linked to sexual attractiveness, to creating an identity or following a role-model. In this context, brand is capital and branding is on a fertile ground.
  • Youth are generally institutionalized. They are physically located in certain places, such as schools, high-schools, universities or campuses. A great advantage for marketing people...

In this context, youth become a segment of great relevance and significance for organizations. Youth research has become a common practice in advanced economies and specialized agencies are created in developed countries.


In Romania, the interest around youth segments is growing. This is a natural flow and companies that will dare to immerse in this great world of young generations will reach a major competitive advantage.

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