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Quantix Marketing Consulting, prin platforma Sport Insight, este partener de informatii pentru ABRC (Maratonul International Bucuresti Raiffeisen Bank si semimaratonul Petrom - Bucuresti


Quantix modereaza conferinta Marketing Research & Trends, organizata de SMARK.


Articol in despre sustinerea sportului in Romania, la toate nivelurile. Despre oportunitatea companiilor si brandurilor (link ).

Mentiunea raportului "Sport in Romania. The Link between Brands, Companies and Sports" in Business Magazin / feb2015.



Quantix / Sport Insights sustine cu date publicarea unui articol despre practicarea sportului, in revista Business Magazin, supliment la Ziarul Financiar (link )

Quantix / Sport Insights sustine cu date publicarea unui articol despre alergare in Revista Alerg

Interviu ProTV pe teme legate de spor, sustinand cresterea sportului de masa

Articol Smark despre sport in Romania (link )



Am lansat Sport Insights! Sprijinim organizatiile care se implica in sport. Sustinem cresterea sporturilor. Ii sustinem pe cei ce practica sport! Ajutam la crearea unei culturi orientate pe sport in Romania




Barbatul. De la arc la Shopping Cart. - un nou raport SMARK Research pe care il recomandam omului de marketing.

Quantix Marketing Consulting este consultant din partea SMARK pe acest proiect.



Cosmin (quantix) moderates the first panel discussion on Romanian Youth Focus Conference organized by Smark. 13-14 December 2012.Link




Research & Consulting services in UK are available through Quantix partnership with Pyxis Consulting in London. Challenge us for any request on both sides of the Channel...




Youth Monitor launches a second great report on Romanian Youth: Litteris et Virtuti.2012. Focused on education, as one of the most significant pillars of youth and society in general.




Quantix starts a partnership with PayLogicTrends for publishing analysis on their website and newsletter feeds.




Quantix Marketin Consulting has initiated modules of training on Marketing Fundamentals and Marketing Research. They are targeted for junior and intermediate professionals in marketing as well as entrepreneurs. Developed in partnership with Svasta Integrated Consulting (link ).




Youth Monitor successfully launches the report "Young in Romania. Urban Marketing Profile" (Mar 2012). A comprehensive piece of work covering youth from various perspectives. A mix of research methods, insightfull analyses, all wrapped in an attractive report.




Quantix Marketing Consulting is proud to be an initiator of Youth Monitor, the Romanian marketing platform for the young ones.




Best Research Tools 2011 includes in the articles section a contribution from Quantix, on the importance of marketing consulting as integrated part of the market research services.




Article on Telecom Segmentation published in the prestigious UK portal,




Quantix Marketing Consulting supports the AMCOR Survey run on management consulting companies in Romania (link )




Quantix has moderated the panel discussion at the 1st edition of the Loyalty & Retention Conference & Expo 2009, held at the National Institute for Statistics onOct 29th, 2009 (event site )




woman target

The report "Woman as Target. What is relevant now"  was released. It is build on a partnership Smark - Brennan Research and Consultants. Cosmin Nae co-ordinated the study as external consultant.




Key insights from the study "Woman as Target. What is relevant now" on the first  SMARK KnowHow Series Conference "Promotiile acum: ce functioneaza si ce nu?". Presentation on promotions and buying behavior

(link )


YouBUS - primavara-vara 2013

Un prim raport YouBUS vede "lumina tiparului" - mai exact, vede laserul din fibrele optice care impinge bitzii cu informatii catre monitoarele devoratorilor de insighturi.


Date proaspete pe segmentul 14-24 ani. Atat urban cat si rural, caci da, suntem interesati si de tinerii din rural! Recomandam tuturor sa se uite si la ei, sa nu ne lasam pe tanjeala ca e mai economic sau mai simplu sa facem research doar pe urban.


Consum, atitudini, stil de viata. Informatii utile si relevante pentru omul de marketing.

Faceti loc in rafturi!

Sau, you digitals, creati un folder nou! :)


When segment is too large

Size of segments is and will be a hot topic in marketing and business, in general. Despite the development of certain mathematical models that, people say, are supposed to solve such issues by extracting the optimal solution out of a black-box, the problem still remains... And this is normal, as all these algorithms are trying their best, in imperfect contexts.


No matter how much we expect mathematicians and statisticians, British researchers or famous PhDs from Insead to come up with revolutionary and final solutions, well, surprise! We still have to keep our brains tuned on in order to take some judgemental decisions on segmentation. Of course, it's not only about segmentation, but that's the topic of this article, so we stick to it :)


To keep the flow in a quite attractive area, we continue with a couple of examples from the vast realm of hobbies.

A life-style segmentation may reveal the existence of a certain segment in the population attracted to sports. We dare to say, that would be quite normal in a decent population.

Shifts - Tinerii si cititul

Domne’, de ce nu mai citesc tinerii?


Inainte sa ne aruncam muncitoreste in asumptii despre cum se deterioreaza generatiile, hai sa punem lucrurile in context.

Cu flexibilitate si deschidere la nou…


A citi nu inseamna doar a termina o carte

Ce inseamna de fapt ,,a citi”?

As porni de la Dictionar: Sensul de baza al verbului A CITI este “ A parcurge un text (pronunțând cuvintele sau nu) pentru a lua cunoștință de cele scrise.”

Ei bine, citesc tinerii? Nu citesc?

In ce indicatori putem masura acest fenomen?

Deseori masuram numarul de carti citite pe o perioada determinata de timp si tragem concluziile privitoare la evolutia sa.

Pierdem insa din vedere substituentii. Schimbarile comportamentale.

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