Youth Monitor

Youth Monitor is a marketing platform focused on the youth in Romania.

Through Youth Monitor, analysts and decision makers in marketing, brand and communication, product management and distribution have access to a continuous inflow of insights on youth segments.


The platform is based on market research specific appoaches.


Targeting one of the most dynamic layers of the society, Youth Monitor applies a variety of approached, from traditional research (qualitative and quantitative) to customer immersion exercices and informal, creative & interactive tools.


Few arguments to support the need of Youth Monitor in the current business environment:

  • youth represent an extremely dynamic segment, in continuou becoming. They are to be understood again and again, as trends come and go very fast
  • the young are consumers for large categories of products and services
  • youth have strong influences on purchase of different categories, with input into functional aspects as well as brand choices
  • Youth Monitor is a 360 perspective on youth, mixing categories with personal values, lifestyle, stereotypes, passions, daily activities in real life and online

Youth Monitor is based on a partnership between Quantix Marketing Consulting and Brennan Research & Consultants. The platform is initiated in 2011. Its first output, the study "Young in Romania. Urban Marketing Profile" is to be publicly launched in Jan 2012. This piece of research is completed with support from SMARK, as partners in the project.